The Wall of Dis


Release Date: 13 May 2013
Format: Digital

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Praying Mantis 9:42
Sewer Blues 4:16
Wolf and Flute 3:38
The Wall of Dis 8:27


The walls of Dis are guarded by fallen angels. The saga about the roots of Dead Skull continues. Re-enforced by Gaspar (of Mindkiller/Mind-jart) and his sons, the abysmal landscapes created are beautiful and grim at the same time. Much less focus was lent to digital cleanliness, more for the analogue approach and custom-made instruments.

Created over a span of 3 years, these recordings are just a taster of what is to come. Dead Skull has a full-length album in the pipes, that just itches to be released into this dimension.

Dead Skull is Ferenc Teglas' solo work with occasional input from Robert and Gaspar. Since Ferenc stopped with Skattor Minox after 13 years of activity, Dead Skull became his main musical endeavour. The sound of DS could be best described as spiced-up and spaced-out electronics, sometimes overlapping into power electronics genre.