The Severed Head


Release Date: 08 March 2014
Format: Digital

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Gangland Phantoms [7:34]
La Tête Coupée [3:34]
Black Masques [7:36]
Bound In The Cellar [6:52]
Sanguinary Peril [5:52]
La Bague Qui Tue [5:33]
The Grand Inquisitor [7:00]
Vampires Disperse [6:32]


Part one of P. Emerson Williams' score for Les Vampires, a film serial that gave us so much of the aesthetic for iconic gothic imagery its influence can not be overstated. Not a single vampire in sight, but enough mystery, twists and wickedness to fill twenty vampire novels.

There are 10 episodes, averaging around 40 minutes each, totalling about 6 and a half hours, but much more than ten hours of music was created for this version.

The fact that this series was shot in post WWI Paris has me pondering the urge to create, even in the midst of turmoil and chaos. the Killer Ring offered me a lot in the way of visual inspiration and coaxed sounds from me that I hadn't anticipated.

-P. Emerson Williams