Arcanum Ab Chao


Release Date: 16 January 2015
Format: Digital

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Choronzon - Eyes Of The Hive [7:40]
Choronzon - Peace By Piece [7:48]
Choronzon - Soul Abyss [7:09]
Choronzon - The Mania Of Crowds [5:19]
Choronzon - The Fall Of Because [7:54]
Baleyyg - Stemmeløse - Part -1 [35:19]


From before and outside time as pure potential, manifest beneath and througout every phenomenon of existence and the medium that only through which any action being is possible. What is encoded within these sounds is hidden from those who have no direct experience in working the current of chaos, but for the initiated, the keys to the mysteries are extended with a generous proffering hand. With Arcanum Ab Chao, Baleyyg and Choronzon come together to open up a sonic space that clears away the veneer of control to show the chaos of destruction and creation hid within. Fans of Choronzon will remember the arcane and intense material Baleyyg contributed to the 2012 Choronzon release ///Consummation//\ Metanoia\.