Future Sounds


Release Date: 01 December 2015
Format: Digital
Label: No Image Records

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September Song [2:05]
Season's Greet [3:55]
Niall [5:08]
Young Crescent [5:52]
Yondo [5:20]
Future Sounds [3:10]


New six track EP from Karda Estra. Includes the track 'Yondo', inspired by the story 'The Abominations Of Yondo' by Clarke Ashton Smith.

Composition, production and artwork by RICHARD WILEMAN
(Track 3 composed by RICHARD WILEMAN and PAUL SEARS)

RICHARD WILEMAN - acoustic, electric, classical, prepared
and bass guitars, keyboards, accordion, rastrophone,
clock, bouzouki, glockenspiel, percussion
ILEESHA WILEMAN - vocals (2)
AMY FRY - clarinet (2, 5)
PAUL SEARS - drums (3)

Recorded at The Twenty First between August and November 2015
Drums recorded at Garage Mahal, engineered by Joshua Medina