Psychosis Ex Machina Decay and Bloodshed Edition


Release Date: 23 April 2012
Format: Digital

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Dies-Ease (Wrath) (Remaster) 8:42
The Enchanting Dead (Remaster) 4:24


Chaotic and trance-inducing was the swirling and percussive assault launched on that release by P. Emerson Williams and Voland. Displayed was a experimental melding of ethnic percussion, twisted sound scapes and emotionally unhinged vocal invocations. Claustrophobic tunnels of darkness open up into vast churning heavens into which the listeners are thrown.

A decade after the completion of recording Psychosis Ex Machina Choronzon brings an expanded remaster that includes an added 50 minutes of music from the sessions. The original tracks were revisited, given new mixes and mastering was done by electronic music veteran and avant garde video artist Ferenc Teglas.